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Aug 24,  · Incredibly light on its feet, the blazingly fast cheetah is perhaps the only large mammal that was hunted to extinction in India in the mid-century. Almost 70 years after the world’s fastest cat disappeared from its forests, the key wild predator is set to re-enter country’s forests yet again — but this time, travelling all the way from African Savannas to Central India .

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"WHOA! I caught a golden stag! Better not spend it all in one place!" —New Leaf The golden stag (オウゴンオニクワガタ, Ougononi kuwagata?) beetle is a very rare bug that was introduced in City Folk. It sells for 12, Bells, tying it with the Hercules Beetle as the most expensive bug in the game. Its name comes from its unique gold color. The name "Golden Stag" is shared with.